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I just wanted to let you know how perfect Cameron is! The vet told me he was in very good health, and that I've gotten areal nice puppy. We are already in love with him! He follows me all over the house, and plays so well with my other 2 toy poodles. I am so overjoyed to have him in my life. Thank you for being such a good and compassionate breeder that cares so much for your animals, and your clients. Anyone can tell that Cameron has been given socialization, potty training, and an abundance of love. He is such a joy! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! 

Kathy, I have to thank you for my chocolate merle poodle, he is such a wonderful puppy. We decided to call him Jiminy cuz he's so happy and jumps around all the time. He is healthy and very 

social. He gets along great with all my dogs and my kids ranging from 2 to 24 years old. Everyone who comes to the house falls head over heals for him and they say his personality rocks...I tell them that is a sign of a good breeder. Again thank you sooooo much for or Jumpin Jiminy.

Hi Kathy! I just went and picked up Jolie! She is doing fantastic! She has already pottied outside, eaten, drank, and is now playing like a tornado with my other dogs who already love her! She is a doll! I love her markings and her personality. She wasn't even nervous or scared when I picked her up, and the two gentlemen were very sweet with her. She immediately gave me kisses and seems very happy. I love her! Thank you so much for my wonderful new baby! I'm sure I will be getting another baby off of you in the future, and will refer people to you who are looking for a quality puppy. Thanks again! I'll send picts and keep you informed. Thanks again!

Wanted to give you an update on Petunia. She is wonderful. She has truly been a blessing to me/my family. She is so adorable and loving, such a sweet lap-baby; I could not have picked a more perfect fur-baby.  She transitioned well without any problems. Everyone I encounter when she is with me strikes up a conversation and wants a fur-baby too. I have given out your website/information and have shared with others about the my awesome experience I had with you by phone, email, and web-site. Thanks for bringing so much joy to my family through Petunia. I have attached a recent pic. Thanks again!!!!   

We found the perfect Peke-A-Poo puppy for Christmas at Perfect Peks
Kennel.  He is very playful, healthy and our girls love him to death.  
The Breeder at Perfect Peks Kennel is very knowledgeable, friendly, and willing to answer ALL questions before, during and after the sale of their puppies.  I would recommend ANYONE wanting to get a GREAT quality puppy to buy from Perfect Peks Kennel.

We are very happy customers of Perfect Peks Kennels. Kathy was very helpful every step of the way from Paypal problems to meeting me halfway on the adoption day. "Luc" - our peke-a-poo - has made our lives much more interesting, he is a ball of happy, healthy energy that we love having around. Thanks so much!

Kathy is a wonderful breeder, she cares deeply about her puppies.  She kept in contact with new pics even though she was in a bad car accident.  My peke-a-poo arrived healthy and what a happy baby! She is absoutly beautiful, her puppies have the little smoshed noses, more like the pekingese.  Kathy even called to make sure they arrived safely.  Thank you Kathy.  It's good to know you can buy from someone that cares about their babies.  Your wonderful and I can't say that enough. Be assured if you buy from her your baby will be happy and healthy.a++++++++++ seller!

I just want to say thank you so much to Mrs Kathy! You made my daughters Christmas great! Tucker has adjusted so well with our family.. I have to say, your website is true to your descriptions of how your puppies are not animals they are family members..not only is tucker the most BEAUTIFUL dog but he is also very smart and is doing great in potty training..
I want to say that Mrs. Kathy kept us informed weekly about tucker before we could pick him up.  She also sent pics of tucker with captions, for my daughter so that she would know what she was getting for Christmas! Mrs.Kathy goes beyond anything I expected from a dog breeder... I have dealt with breeders that were breeding strictly for the money, but Mrs Kathy makes it obvious it is not just for the money but for the love of the dogs...thanks 


Thank you, you are the best at what you do.

The babies are doing fine---Onaka and Auggie---they arrived happy and healthy after a long flight---have a wonderful personality, full of love and the desire to please--we also appreciated all of the photos sent to us 
during their puppyhood,,from the time they were born untill their arrival into our arms...Thankyou,,,we look forward to seeing the chocolate puppies 
when they are born....

Miss Kathy , I am writing to let you know about the little toy poodle I got from you. I brought her to my vet the day after I got her from you, which I got her on Tuesday Jan. 15th and I went to my vet on Wednesday the 16th and she received a glowing report from him. He gave her an A for her health report. I am so happy with her that I cannot say enough about her.She is so intelligent, she

 knows her name and when you call her she comes. I am potty training her and she is doing super. She goes potty on her pads every time, and she is eating great. She sleeps with me, right next to me, and during the night I wake up an check on her and she is always sleeping like a baby on her back with feet in the air. Lol. When she needs to potty she come to my face and whines so I pick her up put her on her pad , she pee pees , I pick her up and she goes right back to sleep. She is in my arms 80% of the time and the other 20% of the time she is at my feet following me. She is so good and she listens very well too. I am so happy with my choice of getting a puppy with you. You have a great choice of puppies and you give them unconditional love for the time they are with you and until they go to their new homes. I know my little poodle Coco is one of the best puppies I have ever gotten. I thank you for given me the chance to get a puppy from you, cause I know that there are some very horrible people out there that treat animals like machines and do not give them the love and care they need. BUT YOU ARE A GREAT PERSON THAT CARES FOR HER PUPPIES, AND YOU CARE FOR THE NEW HOMES THEY GO TO. You make sure th

at they are going to good homes. At least you try your best to give them what they deserve. So thank you for your efforts and the great healthy puppies that you provide for us who love them so much. I can promise you one thing , my Coco will be living a queens life over here, cause I will give her the best life I can possibly can give her. I will also refer anyone I know to you for any puppy that they are looking for. Cause I know you will provide the best to them. Again THANK YOU. 

Just wanted to give you an update on our precious babies.  Chin Chin celebrated his 1st birthday in April with friends and family.  Yes he even had his own cake.  (He did not want to share but he finally gave in to allow his cousins to have small pieces.)  He has been the best puppy we have ever had so easy to house train and listens to us when he wants to. :)

He loves to spend time in front of the TV watching Swamp People, or spotting for my husband in his video games.  Every house he goes to he is the life of the party and his presence is known by all. 


Chewie is another example of excellence from your breeding program.  He has lightened up from is darker red fur to more of a strawberry blond, he has parts in his hair on the top of his head and down the center of his back.  He has not in my eyes gotten much bigger but he has grown.  He is also very smart he learned to use the doggie door with in his first week with us, he loves to spend time in the yard hunting for lizards with our poodle peaches. 


When Chin will let him play with toys they share very well.  Chin does have some problems with the sharing part.  But has gotten better.  They both spend time in their kennel during the day, and Chin sleeps in bed with us at night.  Both of them love to go to Aunt Terry's on weekends (their groomer) she has fallen in love with them. 


Both of the puppies were only seen by photos before they came to live with us, and they were both very happy when they got off of the plane.  Kathy always sent new photos and updates on how they were doing.  She always took the time to call or email me if I had any questions.  She has proven to myself and husband to be a very reliable puppy foster mommie while our little angles are in her care.


Our experience with Perfect Peks Kennel was the best experience we ever had.  We will be looking again for a new addition to our family and we will be contacting Kathy.  Once again thank you for all that you do. 

Thank you Kathy for giving me the opportunity to interact with my new puppy Tinkerbel before bringing her home. She has given me much joy and is very healthy and playful and has the most adorable teddy bear face. She is a great example of a well balanced well bred puppy. I look forward to growing old with her. Will keep sending you pictures as I take them of her. Thank you so much for all the preperations you have done to make her coming home easier for her and me.

Hi Kathy, We took our puppy to the Vet and His doctor told me that my puppy is in excellent health condition and we got an excellent breeder (which is what we’ve known already) !! Anyway, I want to let you know Boone is doing very good and happy, he plays a lot with toys and kids.Thank you again for giving us  a such wonderful puppy!! Masako

Kathy, Sal is healthy and my vet said he is beautiful. Everybody at my vet went crazy when I walked in with Sal. They knew right away he was not a puppy mill dog. My vet said he is very smart and he could tell you gave him a lot of attention. I would never use any other breeder. You have the most beautiful dogs I have ever seen. Mike and I agree we will get another pup and recommend everyone who wants a puppy you are the one to go to.










Thanks for being the best at what you do.

1. I was impressed with how much time Kathy took to answer our questions (over the phone and in person).  She wanted to make sure that we were getting exactly what we wanted.  You can tell that this is a passion for her, it is by no means a large scale money-making operation or a puppy mill. 


2.  We visited the "kennel" three times.  On the first trip we drove out to check out the conditions and the breeder.  We returned a second time just after the litter arrived to select our puppy.  Our final trip took place 8 weeks later.  It was on this trip that we took the little guy home.  The kennel is actually a part of her house and the conditions were always clean.  I was struck with how much attention she seemed to provide to each dog.  Kathy absolutely loves these little animals and treats them like they're her own.

3. Our dog "Mardi" is now 4 months old and is in excellent health.  


4.  I would definitely purchase another dog from her, and in fact, may do so later this year.  


We did our homework and had a very good experience working with Kathy. 

Got a red t-cup poodle from perfectpekskennel on March 19 th 2012. He is the prettiest and healthy little baby. I had been dealing with Ms. Kathy for about 3 months. She is so compassionate. She takes time out too talk with you and answers any questions you have. She is very patient and kind. I never seen anyone who cares so much about her puppies. She is not a puppy mill and has the best breed of poodles i have ever seen. I would recommend her to you if you want a good and healthy baby, get it from perfectpekskennel. You wont be disappointed. I promise you that. To show you how much i trust her, I paid for my little baby in full before he was even born. So if your looking for a good healthy, pretty puppy, go to the her website like i did at In the future, I will be getting another one from her. Thanks Ms. Kathy your the best!

Hi Kathy! Pebbles is wonderful. She is fabulous! Her trip went as scheduled & she was very happy to arrive. She did not mess in her kennel. She is super sweet & I am teaching her to rest in her kennel. She is redder in color than I expected. She is adorable! Pebbles 12 week check up went great. She is 3.2 lbs...mostly fur. She is healthy, no hernias, good teeth, clean ears, a great report.

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