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Welcome to my pekingese faqs page.  Many customers have questions about pekingese, or have never owned a pekingese so here are some helpful faqs about pekingese to put your mind at ease:


Q. I've heard that Pekingese are loud sleepers?
A. It is very true that Peke SNORE, and SNEEZE. It is because of what man, through the ages, have done to their noses.


Q. Don't Pekingese hate the outside?
A. I haven't noticed, Pekingese can race, even hurdle, they retrieve, swim, and are MORE hardy than many Bigger dogs, walking in ANY weather, snow, rain, mud, and sleet.


Q. I've always been told Pekes are vicious, they will always bite.
A. Obviously from people who NEVER owned or know a pekingese. Pekingese are GREAT watchdogs, they are extremely ALERT, but they do NOT attack people at will, Mine have NEVER even snapped at a stranger,


Q. I heard Pekingese eyes 'POP OUT', or they go blind.
A. Sure Pekingese eye stick out there, But it would take an extremely hard blow to the back of the head to make their eyes pop out. Their eyes do itch them sometimes, and I've never met a blind Peke. But because their eyes are protruding, they are more subject to damage than other breeds with more recessed eyes. Immediate care and careful following of recommended treatment usually clears the problem. Ignoring the problem in early stages can cause the loss of an eye.


Q. People say Pekingese don't live long.
A. This is far from the truth, With proper care, your Pekingese will live 12-15 yrs maybe longer.


Q. What are all the available colors for pekingese?
A. All colors are allowable: Red, fawn, black, black and tan, sable, brindle, white and parti-color well defined black mask, (WHITE is the exception about the FULL Mask)


Q. Which color is the most popular, and which one is the most "precious"?
A. I'm not sure of the most popular color, Flipping through many Pekingese books, and magazine, I didn't notice any one color more than the other. Maybe the Sable or Tan. The most precious? I'd say the all WHITE, often called 'the sacred white pekingese'.


Q. The pekingese hair keeps coming off, anything that we can do to help? Is this a health problem?
A. Yes you can and should groom your Pekingese DAILY, We use a shedding comb, or small child hair brush, which works great, They also preferred The bristles with the small rounded ends. I don't see this as a health problem. Both of my Pekes LOVE the new GLOVE with those short rubber bristles, they simply think we are petting them, and the truely enjoy grooming time much more now.


Q. Do pekingese get along well with other dogs? Like a pomeranian? How about another pekingese?
A. Each dog may be different, depending on how he/she was raised, MOST will stand they ground with other dogs, Males, more so than females. I've never had any trouble with Pekingese getting alone with Pekingese.


Q: How can I evaluate a dog that I'm looking at purchasing?
A: EDUCATE YOURSELF! This can be a long process. This is done by visiting dog shows, breeders, reading anything you can. You will learn what features you personally like - color (gray, fawn, black, white), facial features (more wrinkle, less wrinkle, bigger head, smaller head), size. The Pekingese breed have a pretty large spectrum of things that are all acceptable, but differences that you may have a personal preference towards. When you inquire about a specific dog, be sure to visit the kennel or home where the dog was raised. This will give you an idea of the care given to the pup - are the kennels clean? Are the dogs happy? Meet the parents of the pup. This will give you an idea of what kind of temperament to expect from this pup. See how the pup interacts with other dogs at the kennel or home. The more you see, the more knowledgeable you will be about the dog you select to make a member of your family.

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