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Click on the word contract to open and  print - CONTRACT


*Important Note:  by making your deposit you are entering into a legal contract.  Whether or not you sign this contract, you are bound by the contract's terms. 


PLEASE PRINT AND SEND WITH YOUR HOLDING FEE (right click to print page and click "print")



This Agreement between Seller and Buyer becomes effective whether signed or not at the time the initial holding fee is paid.


Buyer: Name: ___________________________________________________________ Address:________________________________________________________________ Phone:_________________________Email:___________________________________



I, Buyer, am knowingly and willingly making a NON REFUNDABLE deposit/holding fee of $___________, to Seller with payment of the balance of $______ due before release of the dog.

TOTAL BALANCE DUE FOR PUPPY is due NO LATER THAN ______________, 20____.

NO PERSONAL CHECKS or paypal accepted for final balance - balance must be paid in cash, money order, or certified funds!

Buyer is responsible for all costs associated with pickup/transport of the puppy.

Buyer acknowledges and agrees that Buyer will forfeit the deposit and any rights to the Dog if:

  • (a) Buyer fails to complete the purchase of the Dog for any reason, or

  • (b) Buyer fails to pay the balance of the Purchase Price within 3 days of the agreed pickup date. In either event, Seller shall be free to sell the Dog to another party.

  • ( c) In the event that the Dog is not available due to sickness, death, or any other circumstance owing to the fault of Seller, Buyer’s deposit will, at Seller’s option, be either (i) refunded, or (ii) transferred to the next litter of puppies.

  • (d) A boarding fee of $10 per day will be charged for each day the Dog is boarded by Seller past the agreed pickup date

Buyer acknowledges this deposit/holding fee will hold the puppy Buyer selected until it has been weaned and is ready for pick up. Puppies transported must be paid in full NO LATER THAN 7 weeks of age. ALL PUPPIES MUST BE PAID FOR IN FULL BY 8 WEEKS OF AGE AND/OR AT TIME OF PICK UP. Any puppy not paid for or picked up by 8 weeks of age will be placed back up for sale by Seller without any further notice to Buyer and buyer forfeits the holding fee.

Estimated date of pickup: _______________ puppy can not leave any earlier than 8 weeks of age or until weaned. 

NOTE: Buyer must schedule an appointment with seller for puppy pickup at least 72 hours in advance.


The puppy I am purchasing is described as I.D./name ____________: ( M / F )



Breed: _________________



Registration:___________ Full_____ Limited (pet with spay/neuter contract) ______


*IMPORTANT:  It is buyers responsibility to contact seller for updates and status of their puppy while in sellers care.


This Contract represents the entire agreement. Buyer has read the entire contract and agrees to be bound to Seller by the terms herein.


THIS BINDING AGREEMENT made the _____ day of ______________, 20____ by Buyer to Seller.


Signature of Buyer _____________________________


Contract accepted by Seller:__________________________

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