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The perfect choice for that perfect pekingese, peke-a-poo or (pekeapoo, peekapoo, peek-a-poo, pekapoo) of your dreams, he/she is waiting for you here at !!!

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Your new puppy:


Okay if you've gotten this far you have obviously decided you want a puppy. Now you are probably at one of two possible crossroads. 1. You know what kind of puppy you want and you are here to pick it out... GREAT! Find the breed you are interested in locate it in the links to the left and select Puppies available. Good hunting! 2. You are trying to decide what kind of puppy you want and you need a little help...also GREAT! Below each breed listed you will find a link to breed characteristics as well as a link to some guidelines about owning that particular breed of dog. You can do a little (or a lot) of research and if you find what you're looking for continue on to puppies available.

Below you will find links to some important information pertaining to all breeds of puppies. They are basic guidelines and information to help you in taking care of your new puppy. If you have any questions about any of the information here, please feel free to e-mail it to us. We will attempt to answer you as soon as possible. Our E-mail address is


Feeding your puppy:



Vaccination recommendation for puppies:

Puppy Hernia: 


Facts about Hypoglycemia



Need to know about Parvo. *****Please Read.*****


How big will my puppy get?